As much as we love our products, what is most important to us is that fitness is available to any body, any level, and anywhere. Our mission is to create a community around our bands where everyone is accepted and boldness, uniqueness, and authenticity is celebrated. A community that encourages positive forward motion, whatever that may look like for each individual. We believe that each person has the ability to be extraordinary just because they believe it. And, even if you don't believe it at this time, you will. Together, we can do it!



My name is Guti, I am a military veteran and mother of three, who created these kick-ass anti-slip hip resistance bands to assist you on your journey to the NEW you. After 6 major lower abdominal surgeries, I became very limited with what I could do to stay in shape. So, I created a product that could help me with low-impact resistance workouts to help me with my recovery. They have helped me build back my tone and confidence with just 15 minutes a day. You too can get on top of your game 10 times faster than with your regular workout routines. These bands can be used anywhere & anytime. Mother's who don’t have time to go to a gym; can work out in your own kitchen or living room. Office clerks; can use their bands while sitting on their chairs. Injured with limitations, NO PROBLEM; put on your band mid-thigh and start walking at your own pace. You will feel the burn immediately. So many uses for every type of person. I believe in YOU, get out there and let me help you welcome back your body & health with my Guti-Bandz!