"I'm THRILLED!!! I have not been able to do ONE pushup EVER!!! This band helped my form and helped me complete 14 complete push-ups. Happy camper :)"

                         -Megan R.                                        Iowa

" My band set is 1. Freaking amazing   2.  Very comfortable 3.  My legs feel tight and toned 4. I took them on vacation and they were very easy to travel with. Thank you."

                          -Chrissy P.




"Girl, they call me Ms. Bootylicious after using

Guti-bandz!! Thank you very much!"

              -Latoya W

                 New York

"This is a love and hate relationship, I love my legs now but I hate working out lol, but thank you GUTI, for sending me your "washing dishes workout". It helped!"


                               New Mexico