“Chic”   Collection Set of 3

“Chic” Collection Set of 3

3 Strong Bands with Carrying Case:Durable and Constant Tension- Hip Circle Guti-Bandz are durable, will not stretch out of shape.

It will provide constant tension when using them for stretching, lifting, squatting, pilates, yoga, physical therapy and other work-outs.

Athletes, Coaches & Physical Therapist love using these bands on a daily basis for added mobility and improved performance. Easy to use and wash friendly. Step Up Your Game!Add extra resistance to your workout for better results.

The bands work great for exercises such as:

-Hip-band Squats

-Glute Bridge

-Hip Thrust

-Abductor and adductor Exercises

-Walking Side to Side/Forward Side

-Thighs and Quad Workout


Material: Polyster Fiber, Latex SIlk, Rubber strip.

3 Different Sizes of Resistance; Light, Medium, Heavy. SMALL: 65 x 8cm (12.5in long)MEDIUM: 75 x 8cm (14.5in long)LARGE: 85 x 8cm (16.5in long)


    Money Back Guarantee expires after 30 days of receiving bands. Item should be returned in the same condition it was received.



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