Barbie Collection Medium Resistance -Single

Barbie Collection Medium Resistance -Single

Step Up Your Game!

Add extra resistance to your workout for better results.

This single band works great for exercises such as:

-Hip-band Squats

-Glute Bridge-Hip Thrust

-Abductor and adductor Exercises

-Walking Side to Side/Forward Side

-Thighs and Quad Workout

 Guti-Bandz are durable, will not stretch out of shape. It will provide constant tension when using them for stretching, lifting, squatting, pilates, yoga, physical therapy and other work-outs. Athletes, Coaches & Physical Therapist love using these bands on a daily basis for added mobility and improved performance. Easy to use; wash friendly.


    Money Back guarantee expires after 30 days of receiving bands. Item should be returned in the same condition it was received.


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